Sunday, 2 September 2012

Where There Is Hope!


This is a pic (obviously :-S) of Hope Wesleyan Church in Shelburne, Nova Scotia. More about this later.
 If you’ve never been to the South Shore of NS, you should put it on your bucket list. The raw beauty, salty air, wonderful friendly people, great food and all those picture postcard shots you need to take, are all here.  Every week, particularly in the summer, there is some kind of festival going on. This summer, we made it down for the Tall Ships and almost made it to the Kayak Festival but they were all booked up :-(..Oh, well…there’s always next year!
There are B&B’s, cottages and inns for accommodations and lots of great places to eat! We even had take-out this past week and it was great! We had fish and chips for supper from The Ship’s Galley take-out  and for lunch we ate at  Bistro 138. Yum is the key word for both places!!
Also, there’s some great shopping. You’re not going to find a Wal-Mart (but really, should you be shopping in a Wal-Mart while you’re on vaca or visiting a place?). Instead you’ll find locally owned and operated shops of all kinds with the most friendly, helpful people you’ll  ever meet (although I’m sure there are  friendly people in all areas of the planet )
If you’re a history buff, you’ll appreciate that Shelburne is one of the sites of the Loyalist and  one of the first black Loyalist settlements in Canada.
You’ll also find great family friendly beaches, boat tours, kayaking, fishing  and a myriad of other things to do and experience in Shelburne.
Now I know you must be thinking, why the picture of the church……..weeelllll…….I’m a little biased in the fact that my daughter and son-in-law are pastoring at Hope Wesleyan…….and my grand-daughters are there as well (which has a LOT to do with us being in Shelburne a lot). So if you’re in the area or moving to Shelburne, try out Hope Wesleyan. You’ll find a warm welcome and a hand-shake……oh, and you’ll get to meet the two most beautiful little girls in the world!!!!
For more info on Shelburne go to : and Hope Wesleyan church go to:
Enjoy! :-D


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