Saturday, 8 September 2012


When a family has to move due to work or a bigger home, it’s a shame that some of the outdoor activity areas have to be left behind only to have to shell out more money for them again at the new address.
Swing sets can be taken down and boxed up if they’re not too big or cumbersome but what about the sandbox you had made and all that sand? Glad you asked.
Being the cheap frugal person that I am, I had an epiphany and thought, “Why not a plastic pool?” Now I know they have those plastic sand boxes but they’re actually more expensive than the pools that are the same size. It seems that if you put the word “sandbox” on the piece of plastic, that it costs more than the pool of the same size. Seriously, do you think the kids care? And as far as keeping all the critters out of the sand box, just use some cinnamon or certain spices (check out some spice ideas on Pinterest) and rake them through the sand. You don’t need an expensive sand box with a cover. I wish I had thought of this idea when our kids were little and I wanted a sandbox for them. We rented for a few years and we couldn’t afford to have a sandbox made for each place. (this was before the dawn of plastic sandboxes).
This is a great idea too if you want to put a sand box on your deck to keep little ones a bit closer to the house within ear-shot. A very small pool for an apartment balcony is a great idea too.  Also, when pool season is over, the sandbox can last throughout Autumn and start up in the Spring. If you’re in an area that has mild Winters, you can extend that time for the kiddos even more. If you don’t mind a bit of mess in the basement (concrete floor area not the family room with the plush carpet), the sandbox/pool is a great way to help keep parents sane throughout the winter months when cabin fever hits even the youngest of the family.
I do suggest that you use play sand as it does wipe off easier than beach sand. Although a container of talcum powder will help get the sand off little hands/feet/legs (you get the idea) before it gets tracked through the house. The end of Summer season is a great time to buy the plastic pools and sand as it’s been reduced in price. Win win!
Here’s to happy kiddos and sane parents! 


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