Monday, 10 September 2012


I love to eat sweets. I always look at the dessert menu in a restaurant before I order my main dish. That way I can judge how small and what kind of a main I’m going to have to justify that scrumptious, decadent dessert!
Now at home, we don’t serve dessert with our Supper meal. It’s not expected, nor wanted (by our waistlines). We do serve dessert if we have company over and for Thanksgiving, Christmas and of course, birthdays.
However, I’m trying to be more mindful of what we put into our bodies for health and weight reasons. In comes the “SNEAKY SNACKS”! Why are they sneaky? Glad you asked.
Yesterday, I was at a spice party. I won’t say the name of the company but they do put out some really great spices, cookware, dips etc. It’s one of the home party deals. I went knowing what I wanted to purchase (I needed some more spinach and herb, herb and garlic and I also purchased their cinnamon and their mango curry.)
Now at this party, there was a plethora of foods prepared with the spices, dips etc. I was really impressed with the quality of each food item. However, the wheels were turning inside my head (the wheels don’t turn as quickly as they used to, so I was slow-going at this), and as I sampled each dip or food, I thought, “I can make this with fresh fruit/veggies/herbs etc.
Example: there was a mocha, cheese ball at the party and it was Devine!! I thought,”cheese+chocolate=YUM! So today I made my own version using my lactose-free cottage cheese, cocoa and some vanilla.
Now in all fairness I was making a dip rather than a ball (I would just use a light cream cheese or very firm tofu for a ball). I didn’t measure any of the ingredients but just added as I was processing. I processed the cottage cheese first, then slowly added about a teaspoon of cocoa and then a little less than a tea. again. Then a splash of vanilla and un voila! Yummy, semi-healthy fruit dip!!! The kids will love you for giving them such a decadent after-school snack as they dip their apple slices,bananas and strawberries into their dip!
My next venture is going to be cauliflower brownies so stay tuned for that at a later blog.
Check out some of my other sneaky snacks on my blog and also has some REALLY great recipes that will give you lots of sneaky snacks for the kiddos (and the adults too!). Also go to The Sneaky Chef. There’s great sneaky recipes that’ll keep you in healthy recipes for a long while.
Happy Snacking!!

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