Monday, 3 September 2012


I’ve been purging my home of anything that we don’t use, want, can’t fit into anymore or we haven’t used in a long time. One such thing is plastic. I have come to loath it for all it represents to the damage it has done to the environment and our health over the years. My generation were the first to have it in abundance in our homes for everyday use and our kid’s toys were made of the nasty stuff. Any plastics I do get rid of are at least recyclable.
 I have been bit by bit, replacing all my plastic containers with glass and also replacing anything else that is plastic with another, safer material. Enter the Strawsome straws!
They are made of glass, come in a variety of colours and sizes and are easy to clean. I have a smoothie one which is bigger around for those lovely, thick smoothies and a narrower one for regular drinks. They are guaranteed against breakage. I use a large chenille stem to clean mine with. Works great.  For more info on Strawsome, go to:

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