Tuesday, 11 September 2012

DOCTOR, DOCTOR...Give me the News!

 Picture if you will, a beautiful, tranquil, peaceful, seaside town where the water views are great one day and spectacular the next. A town where the people are friendly, the sea food is way above excellent and where your life’s work is appreciated at every turn. Where you will be respected and admired for the job you do. What’s the name of this place? Glad you asked.
It’s Shelburne Nova Scotia, Canada; a town on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. It’s a picture postcard moment throughout this seaside gem with great beaches nearby, kayaking & boating, fishing galore (either fresh or saltwater), and lots of activities & festivals throughout the year with the whole town participating. As an example, this past July, Shelburne hosted The Tall Ships as Shelburne has one of the largest, natural, deep water harbours in the world. Throughout the summer months, there’s a festival or activity every week. Lot’s to do for all ages.
However, Shelburne is a town in desperate need of family physicians. They have a stellar hospital with an exceptional out patients (people come from an hour or more away to go to their out patients even though they may be from a larger town with their own hospital). 
Case in point. My daughter, son-in-law and their two children (age 2 & 4 months) moved to Shelburen in June 2012. They are #70 on the wait list for the nurse practitioner, let alone a physician's wait list. My two year old grand-daughter was diagnosed with Juvinile Arthritus and she can only go to the out patients for any emergencies or check-ups. That goes for immunizations shots for both my grand-daughters as well.
Your work will be appreciated and you will be thanked for what you do. Please consider making Shelburne Nova Scotia your home by the sea.
 Check out the town’s Facebook and web site: http://town.shelburne.ns.ca/. 

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