Saturday, 11 August 2012

Have you ever visited a place over and over again but never tire of seeing it? That’s the way I feel about The Hole In The Wall on Grand Manan Island in the Bay Of Fundy (New Brunswick, Canada). My mother’s family is from Grand Manan (Seal Cove) and my husband’s parents are both from there as well (North Head and Grand Harbour).
To say that I LOVE GM would be an understatement! I can’t get enough of it when we go down. The trip usually starts when we are in NB at our cottage at Beulah Camp on the beautiful Saint John River. It’s then an easy drive to Black’s Harbour where the ferries are to Grand Manan. The two ferries that are on are large (83 cars I believe for the newer one) with comfortable seating, food services, elevators, a place for Fido (I believe just on the newer ferry) & play area and arcade for the kiddos. The trip is about an hour and a half and docks in North Head.
There are many accommodations on the island from cosy cottages, inns, motels, B&B’s and at least two campgrounds. We usually stay at the Surfside Motel in the Queen room which has a microwave, small fridge/freezer and a hide-a-bed. Our room overlooks the ocean and how great is it that we can have our morning coffee overlooking the water every morning?! Oh, and the coffee’s on in the office area in the mornings. Nice touch!
Lots of great places to eat all along the island but just ask the friendly folks to recommend one of their favs and you won’t go wrong! AND if you haven’t tried dulse…….welllllll….you don’t know what you’re miss’in!
LOTS to do while on the island. My fav is the kayaking tours. I go with Sea Kayaking Adventures in North Head. No experience needed and they have knowledgeable guides that will not disappoint! The tour I took was the evening two hour tour from 6-8pm. We started in Whale Cove and ended in Pettes Cove. Lots of birds (birder’s paradise on and around GB), seals, fishing weirs, boats along the way and the beautiful Swallowtail light house.
One of my fav places on this kayak tour is The Hole In the Wall. An out cropping of rock with a……wait for it!......that’s right……….A hole IN the rock (wall!!) The beauty of the island is hard to explain or even made alive by the best photographer. You HAVE to go and see for yourself. Just ask Mr. Google about Grand Manan and you’ll be taken to a few sites that will help you plan your journey. Oh, and don’t forget to eat some of the local seafood and explore the beaches and catch a sunset at Dark Harbour!

Me, kayak and The Hole in the Wall! Steller!

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