Sunday, 11 August 2013


Love history, awesome architecture, great food (in particular, sea food), the ocean, spectacular photo ops & friendly people? Well, you’re in luck because Shelburne, Nova Scotia is your destination!
I just returned from a three day stay in Shelburne and had a blast!  The warm, salty air (it’s August at the time of my visit), laid-back, slower paced life-style of this picture perfect town on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada will have you relaxing and breathing a sigh of stress-free vaca time.
The town of Shelburne is SO beautiful that there have been a number of movies shot there. You may recognise the town in some of these movies including The Scarlett Letter.
The water-front has lots of free parking at different spots but you can just park anywhere and walk back and forth a couple of times so you can make sure you don’t miss anything.  I walked the waterfront two different days and saw things I missed on day one.
The museum is on Dock Street which is the main road on the waterfront. There are three different parts to the museum: 1. The Dory Shop, 2. Ross-Thompson House and Store Museum (which is around the corner from Dock St. on Charlotte Lane)  & 3. Shelburne County Museum.
I was pleasantly surprised at the way the exhibits were laid out, the signage for the exhibits and even area/exhibits just for kids.  The staff is dressed in period costumes and are very knowledgeable and friendly and you can ask as many questions as you want.
For more info on the museum, please visit their web site at:
I took my family to Scotia Lunch which is a family, friendly restaurant.  The prices are great and the food is better!  I had the pizza which had lots of cheese on it and was totally yummy! The fish and chips are great which is what some family members had and my husband (who was with me on a previous visit) had the cheese burger which he said was superb. And it must have been because he makes rock’in burgers himself!
I also went kayaking around the harbour just on my own and had a blast! The wind was a bit high so I had to keep an eye out not to run into all the yachts that were moored in the harbour. Which reminds me, if you’re a boater, Shelburne has the third largest natural harbour in the world and is a boaters haven with lots of things to do, places to eat right within walking distance of the dock. There is a yacht/ boat club as well which you can check out at
Whether you’re looking at staying for a few days or tour the whole South Shore, make some time for Shelburne and discover all of the interesting, fun options this town has to offer. There’s something going on almost every week in Shelburne for all ages. To see what’s happening in Shelburne and where to stay go to   and
I’ll be posting an article on The Dory Shop separately so stay tuned for that blog!  I was only going to do the one write-up on Shelburne itself but The Dory Shop brought back a lot of childhood memories for me!

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