Monday, 3 June 2013


My dietition wanted me to increase my iron-rich foods, so she suggested I eat lots of spinach. I'm a vegetarian so liver was out of the question.....and it would be anyway even if I wasn't a vegetarian! I mean, seriously, the liver filters a lot of the garbage in  the system including toxins so WHY would you want to eat it!?
Smoothie #1 was a little bit of spinach with lots of fruit. It tasted surprisingly great!  I increased the spinach with smoothies #2-4 and was surprised as each one still tasted great even though the green colour was becoming more vivid!
So here's spinach smoothie #5:

Very green,eh?! This one has spinach, frozen strawberries, peaches, coconut yogurt and some Silk Almond (the 30 calories per cup one) as my ingredients.
Bon appetit and now you can also be ready for St. Paddy's day too!

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