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Heather Kinghorne beautiful baby wear, quilts, sheet sets etc.
 30 Fathom Doormats by Claus (see my cottage mat last pic below)

 Eric Allaby's artwork
Wilcox Natural Treasures
THE cinnamon buns!!!
Faye Miller and her beautiful knits!


I love Grand Manan Island! My mother’s family is from here and my sister was born on the island. By the time I came along, Dad was stationed in Halifax in the RCN. I was blessed to be able to spend time in the Summers though on Grand Manan and many fond, fun memories will always be with me.
Fast-forward to 2013. My husband’s family is also from the island and every year we hike (actually, we drive!)  on down to the ferry terminal in Black’s Harbour, take a breath-taking ferry ride across the Bay Of Fundy and stay for a few days at The Surfside Motel
Now, right across from The Surfside is the Grand Manan Farmer’s Market. Before I tell you of some of the vendors I need to let you know about the cinnamon buns that are there. YOU HAVE TO HAVE ONE!!! They are incredible and the flavour burst in your mouth will have your taste buds begging for another one!
FYI about the market, make sure you have some cash with you as some vendors are not set up for credit cards. I’m planning on taking some Christmas present money with me next year as I saw some sweaters for my little grand-daughters that they will definitely have for next year!.....and maybe a few things for me……just say’in
Anywho…….back to the market in general. Like I said, right across the street from the Surfside Motel in North Head, is where you’ll find the market on Saturdays from 10:00-12:30. There is food aplenty (have your cinnamon bun for a late morning snack and then a lobster roll for lunch!....and wash it all down with some home- made lemon aid!), beautiful, well- made knit-wear, baby items (home -made crib, Pak N Play sheet sets,  quilts etc), hand crafted jewelry that’s different from your run-of-the-mill stuff that’s out there, food (oh, right…I already mentioned that didn’t I?!), hand crafted mats, art work etc.
Here’s a snapshot of what I saw at the market.
Wilcox Natural Treasures is where I did some Christmas shopping. I know it’s only August but I’m one of “those” people that start in January…..please don’t hate me …
Susan has a lovely booth that was actually difficult to get any good pics of because there was always a gaggle of ladies looking at her finely crafted and fair priced jewelry, home -made soaps (one made with dulse!), lip balms, bath crystals, seaweed face masks and lots of other goodies. Susan was very helpful and I took my time looking through her well organized displays to find my presents for some of my special ladies in my life! A great place to find some treasure for yourself too!
30 Fathom Doormats manned and made by Claus Wolter, is a one of a kind (as far as I know!) craftsman.  He fashions beautiful, unique door mats from reclaimed or new lobster trap rope. I actually have two of Claus’ mats, one for my home and one for the cottage. These mats will make your front entryway “pop” as guests arrive at your door!
Marine Paintings by Eric Allaby are some of the most beautifully created paintings I’ve come across. Eric’s work depicts seascapes of Grand Manan and area and he also has prints, note cards and more. Eric’s work can been viewed on his fb page at:
If woodwork is your thing, Ian Bernard’s beautifully crafted, bird’s eye maple cutting boards are a must-see and a must-buy. I have to admit, that Grand Manan has been blessed with incredible wood-working craftsmen. Ian’s boards and other work ( he also makes furniture and uses other woods as well) will be a much loved part of your home and with care, they’ll last a lifetime. He has some easy care instructions before you take one of his creations home with you. I also saw a beautiful clock that he made and  I REALLY want it……however…..time and more $$$....... I did not have……sad face here.
Heather Kinghorne has some of the most beautiful, unique baby items you’ll ever see. Heather’s work rivals any “label” baby wear you’ll find in the baby boutiques.  Knit wear, crib and Pak N Play sheet sets and lots of other very unique items for your little one. A great baby shower or “Grammy” shop to say the least! Her creations are very well made and will last for many years to the point that you’ll be able to pass them on to the next generation! An heirloom item awaits you when you take home one or more of Heather’s creations.
Faye Miller is a dear lady that I had a lovely chat with! She is an extraordinary knitter and her work certainly shows her talent!  Faye has sweaters for big and small, baby sets and lots of other knit wear for the family.
Another artist I met was Bev Cary who specializes in painting Woodward’s Cove and not to be left out, the Whale Cove knitters had some incredible works of art-in-wool sweaters and other knit items.
There were many other crafts people that I would have loved to mention but the best way to see them all is to plan a trip to Grand Manan, stay for a few days and make sure you can stay over a Saturday for the market! You’ll be glad you did……oh, and did I mention the cinnamon buns?!!!!!

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