Sunday, 24 March 2013


This is a sad post.  If you’re a guy reading this, just skip down to the next paragraph please. Thanks. The other day when I was shopping for new “unmentionables”, I went into a store I said I’d never go into. I was desperate to find the right undergarment and had run out of options. So in I went to a whole new world of bra shopping. What struck me first was the smell. I thought for a second and then realized it smelled like cotton candy. Devious lure that is,eh? Especially to young girls.
After a clerk helped me make some choices, I went into the fitting room. There were woman of all ages as well as some very young girls who could have possibly been as young as Grade 6-7. Two of them were sitting on the floor (the sales clerk and I had to step over their legs….go figure…to get to my dressing room), and the other was standing in her dressing room with the door open. Her friends were very loudly critiquing her choice of bra with, “you want your “b” to look bigger, don’t you? That’s sexy so that one’s a good choice”,  said another.
My first thought was, “I’m glad that that’s not my daughter” and “how sad, that these girls are basing their self-worth on an under garment.”….. especially at such a young age.
Just read an article by Evan Dolive and he can finish my thoughts for me so here’s the link.  .   Read it and weep if you have daughters or grand-daughters and let’s do something about it, OK? Go to your local VS store and let them know you’re not happy with the fact that they’re targeting young girls. Write and let anyone and everyone know. Our daughters and grand-daughters are precious to us.
Thank you so much.

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