Saturday, 2 March 2013


Every year my hubby and I head South to Cocoa Beach, Florida.  A couple of years ago, I found this little gem via the Cocoa Beach home page and I believe I even found a coupon! Score! I had a facial and it was great!
This year, 2013, we were getting ready to head down and I became so sick I couldn’t go and have my hair done before we left. I was in dire need of a cut as my hair was way over-due and about 4 inches too long. After a few days I started feeling better and decided to ask around about a good stylist. I was directed to Coco Beach Spa as they now offer hair styling. I thought, “Oh why not?” I made my appointment and later that day I walked into one of the BEST haircuts I have EVER had!!!
 You see, I have a curly, wavy-ish, unruly mop that needs someone who knows how to tame it. And that’s where Rhesa Sutherland came into my life. She has a true artistic, gifted touch for hair and in particular my hair! 
Rhesa did her magic and out I walked with a cut that was fab!!! I love how she “sculpted” my hair into a manageable length with lots of definition.
This spa/salon will also not leave you with an empty wallet but the décor is as nice ( I think better) than some of the high-end spas. It is not a new or large building but well kept up outside and relaxing, stress-free inside!  Also, even though I’m not a “regular”, I was treated like a frequent customer. Will I go back? You bet’cha!!! Do I highly recommend Cocoa Beach Spa? You bet’cha!!
It’s off of North Atlantic Ave. at 117 Barlow Ave, Cocoa Beach. You can explore their services on their great web-site at:
So go ahead and get pampered  at the Cocoa Beach Spa and Salon and oh, btw…………they have CHOCOLATE!!!!!


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