Wednesday, 20 March 2013


I have been using my un-paper towels now for over a month, and I must say I REALLY LIKE them!!! Joyful Girl Designs makes all kinds of goodies as well as the towels and the workmanship is excellent!
The towel is two different materials so it's a very versatile cleaning cloth.
The print side (and she has many :-) ), is great for shinning windows or chrome on sinks and tubs. The towel side is a terry cloth and does a great job of wiping up messes (think of what  you clean up after your toddler is finished with their breakfast :-) ), cleaning all surfaces and is a quick picker-upper (is that a word?... well it is  now! )
Check out Jessica's products are eco-friendly and cute to boot! Her products range from baby all the way to grandma goodies!
So why not buy yourself some "happy" cleaning cloths (when you're cleaning it's nice to have some "happy" in the mix and the prints will make you happy!! ) and make cleaning at least semi-bearable?!
Jessica also is on facebook and she has deals on every  once in a while too :-)

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