Saturday, 5 May 2012

Don't Want to Pay and Arm and a Leg for a Mani or Pedi?

What woman doesn’t like a bit of pampering every now and then? My 88 year old Mum just started having pedicures a few years ago and she can’t believe what she’s been missing all those other years! She feels  so pretty-ed-up and relaxed after having been pampered by Nadia our esthetician.
Now in all fairness, not everyone has a wad of cash laying around for all the pampering we girls would love to have. Let’s face it. The spa industry has really taken off in the last couple of decades and the prices have been going sky-high as well. I know that some spas in my area are charging an average of $80.00 or more for an hour pedi and that’s before the tax and tip! Ouch!.... on the pocket book!  Now if you do your homework and ask around, go on-line, call around  and Facebook, you might be surprised what’s out there for affordable spa services.
I was at a spa one time that is very high-end in my community as I received a gift certificate from two of my students. I was so excited! I made my appointment for an hour pedi. To cut to the chase…… was the most expensive (I had to shell out almost the same amount of the gift certificate and it was for $50.00)  the worst pedi I’ve EVER had!  The esthetician was more interested in trying to sell me a product that she was peddling on the side (not from the spa)and she talked non-stop! I kept wanting to tell  her to concentrate on giving me the pedi I was paying for and let me relax……but I didn’t ……I know, I know. I should have said something.
After my Mum had gone to a couple of different spas in our area and was paying close to a hundred bucks a shot, I decided to call around and see what and who I could find that was more affordable. It took only a handful of phone calls but I found a beauty salon/spa just minutes from our home. Now, it didn’t have expensive décor but the décor is very tasteful and lovely. There is only one esthetician (Nadia) but she is full time and does the most amazing job we’ve ever had!  She’s not happy until she has done the most perfect job. Guess how much this half hour mini-pedi costs.  You ready for this?............. $23.00 taxes in! Yup, and her half hour pedi is far superior to any hour pedi I’ve EVER had!!!!!  Her full spa pedi is even more amazing and it’s only $55.00 taxes in. The salon/spa is called Hair Identity and it’s on Sackville Drive in Sackville Nova Scotia. The staff is very friendly and professional.
My daughter found another esthetician  on Facebook through some of her connections in my area. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m booked in for May for a spa pedi that’s 90 minutes and all for the grand cost of $40.00. I’ll let you know how it is after that day.
Something important to check out before you go to any spa no matter what their décor looks like or their prices, is the way they sterilize their equipment.  Ask what they use and how the procedure is done. Not all spas have an autoclave but as long as they use hospital grade disinfectant and the equipment is in the solution for the appropriate time, then you’ve done your homework, mission accomplished! And book that appointment and go get yourself pretty-ed up!

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