Friday, 9 March 2012

If you recall in my part 1 of said title above, I was having  laser therapy on my hip. I’ve been back a few times now and am also having my arm lasered. I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder which was causing pain in my upper arm…..go figure :-S  After two visits to my family physician, who kept telling me the pain in my arm was from my fibromyalgia, I went to my chiropractor who found the pinched nerve within seconds. Then he treated it and now with a little laser it’s almost gone. J
Long story short, the lasers have enabled me to take my progress a few steps further and the pain levels way down, quicker than traditional physio, chiropractic,etc.
A few weeks ago I couldn’t walk up the stairs with both legs leading, only my right one. I was contstently limping and now I only limp every now and then.
To date, I’ve had about six treatments and will continue going for the next few weeks about once every ten days or so.
My game plan is this. To be able to run walk, play games, go to the play park and just have LOTS of FUN with my little grand-daughters.
BIG thanks to my osteo Lynn and my physio Tom at www.
and the that they use, I’m on my way to better health and mobility.
Also, a big thank-you to my chiropractor Dr. Ben at Alpha Laser Therapy Clinic on Hammonds Plains Rd. Bedford NS. (new address).

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