Sunday, 1 February 2015


Loved our 7 day Western Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Sunshine. We sailed Jan. 17, 2015. Our ports were Cozumel, Belize, Isla Roatan  &  Costa Maya. Our Cruise Director, Jaime was incredible! She is top notch at what she does! Our wait-staff, Saint, Alit and I Made were awesome too!
Here’s a quick run-down of our cabin # 6352.
Our room stewards Mahamed and Yoanna, were amazing. ALWAYS treat the crew with respect and use your own manners and you’ll find that your service will always be top notch. A lot of people that complain of poor service (not that there’s many of the millions of people that cruise every year) are rude to the wait and cabin staff.  Saying please and thank-you goes a long way whoever you are talking to.
PROS: larger balcony as it’s on the stern (aft) with two chairs, a table and a lounge. If you want to trade the two chairs for another lounge, the room steward may be able to do that for you. Great views off the stern.
Lots of great lighting in and out of the cabin and in the hallways. Love the new bright d├ęcor in the hallways and cabins. There are two -way lights over the bed and sofa, lighting around the vanity mirror and the main part of the cabin and bathroom. Room darkening curtains for nighttime or afternoon naps :-)
There is a flat screen TV, larger shower, great views off the stern and it is quiet as there are no cabins across the hallway, so not as much traffic. Handy to stern elevators, huge window and glass door to balcony and handy to the Sunrise Dining Room which is on the stern as well.
BEST Serenity Deck on any of the ships we’ve been on so far!!!! Three levels, one spa and adults only pool. However, the pool was cold!!!
CONS: no fridge, clothes hang up front to back rather than side to side ( I had a hard time hanging things up as I’m short. I would hang something up only to have something else fall off because of this configuration)/two less shelves in bathroom for storage (may be like that in all cabins)/balcony gets wet when it rains due to configuration of balcony (part of it is not covered but room steward squeegeed it off for us when we asked him J)/balcony not as private due to configuration of balcony(the stern is slanted so you can see your neighbours when you are near the railing.) No make-up extension mirror in bathroom. No goodie basket in bathroom.
Hope this is helpful and remember, when you get home no one is going to make your bed, clean your bathroom daily, make your meals and put your napkin on your lap for you!!!! :-)

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