Friday, 1 June 2012

Yet Another Cheap Way to Clean!!!

Being a scent-sensitive, asthmatic myself, I like to use products that are not going to have me running to the bathroom closet for my puffer, allergy eye drops and saline nasal spray :-S……..really, who would?
A few weeks ago, I was looking for a home-made cleaner recipe.One product I use is a store-bought orange cleaner and it dawned on me that it was made from orange peel, so why not try to make it myself. So I did!
Found a few sites that have great recipes for home-made cleaners but the easiest one is:
2 cups of vinegar (1/2 litre)
Add orange peels (or any citrus peel)
I just cut my orange peels up a bit, added them to the vinegar and let them set for three  weeks to allow the citrus oil to leech out of the peel. Some sites said to let the solution set for 10 days and another said 4-6 weeks. So I checked mine after three weeks and it looked pretty good.
I use a spray bottle and I poured the mixture into a measuring cup through a strainer and some cheese cloth. Then I took the cheese cloth and put it in the funnel and poured it in my spray bottle.
Here’s the pics of my process. Excuse the not-so-pro pictures! 

 I know it looks like a lab specimen but you'll have to get past that yourself! 
And happy cleaning!!

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