Thursday, 3 November 2011

The New Baby

Well, I've been doing the grammy dance again since we learnt that we are expecting our second grand-child :-D Our little grand-daughter is going to be a big sister to......Little least that's what I have dubbed the latest addition to the flock!  I have no idea where I came up with that title but I hope the kid forgives me if he/she ever finds out.
Our daughter, Deb has a blog: ( here is her latest) that covers a wide variety of topics but mostly family, pregnancy, breast feeding etc.and she mentioned in her latest blog about wanting to purchase Pri some books that will help her adjust and get ready for the new baby (aka: Little Bean).  I immediately thought of the Berenstain Bears book: The New Baby.

The Berenstain Bears New Baby
I mentioned to my hubby, Denn, (the penn of denn is his blog/book)  that it would be great if we could look for our copy that we had when Steve was little and expecting a baby sister into his life. Denn's eyes got a bit wide and he had that, "Oh no. She wants me to go downstairs, look through all those boxes and find that ONE book", look on his face. He then suggested that it would be better if we went to Chapters and buy Pri her own copy. How nice of him. Tomorrow he'll find out how nice he is when he purchases the book for Pri.   
I'm sure there are a plethora of  "bringing home the new baby books" out there but this one was so special because I still remember reading it to first Steve and then to Deb. Many pictures flashed through my mind as I sat snuggled on the sofa or all of us up on my bed reading to the kids, this and many other books. 
What I'm getting at is, make sure you read to your kids everyday and make it a special time with them.  My kids are both well read, well educated,and love to read. And you just can't take away those wonderful, snuggly moments I have tucked away in my heart of me or Denn reading to our children. :-D

The Berenstain Bears New Baby

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