Saturday, 16 January 2016


First of all, cruising is lots of fun and one of the last things you need to worry about is stressing over what to take and how much.
MAKE A LIST!  This little chore will take you a few minutes and will save you time and money. A list will keep you accountable of what to take but also what you really don’t need to take. I make my list up and tweak it every year with a few changes. I have my “Cruise” list for February and my “Vacation” list for July and August as I take different things on those different trips.
Each category has its sections so it’s easy to read and glance at as you’re packing. You can make up your own categories as it’s easier to do things in the order that you’re used to.
I start with my medications/vitamins/suppliments etc, then I list all undergarments. Next on the list are pants/capris/good clothes (usually two changes)/tops/evening wear (I just take one outfit for this and change-up the jewelry), purses (s), shawl etc.
Next is footwear: I wear my sneakers to the airport, pack my flip flops in my carry-on and the rest goes in my checked luggage. All my footwear has its own bag which then goes into my checked and carry-on luggage. I limit my footwear to: sneakers, flip flops, dress sandals and a pair of Crocs.
If you have a medical devic, don’t forget write down ALL that it entails. I use a CPAP so all those items have their own section on the list.
Other clothing and miscellaneous items have they’re own section:  bathing suits, hats, sun glasses, cover-ups, snorkel, fins, mask, PJ’s , jewelry etc.
You may need a section just for “other” as you think of things like: camera/batteries/notebook/pen/novels/e-reader/ etc.
Basically my list is as follows: Meds/ undergarments/ toilettes/ clothes/ footwear/ outerwear/medical device and gear/books and electronics/ miscellaneous & a special list of what goes into my purse.
We take at least a five day change of clothes with us with a few changes in tops and accessories.
Check out some of the “how to pack a suitcase” on youtube. I do the roll & fold methods & use my clothes to buffer my checked liquids. Check out: There are a lot more vids out there on packing as well
Check with your airline carrier for how to pack liquids and gels etc and what you can take on board with you and what has to be checked. Ziplock bags are your friends with these items!!! 
ALL my jewelry is packed in a special fold up case that I have in my carry-on so it is with me throughout the journey. I also take my computer, e-reader and any electronics as carry-on as well.
ALL our documentation is also with us for our flights, hotels, car rentals and cruise so we have it at our fingertips quickly if called upon.
There are lots of on-line lists that you can just print off and use but eventually you’ll have your own that you’ll practically have memorized by cruise 8….or so  :-)

Happy cruis’in!!!
Oh, and don't forget to check to see if the cat is out of the suitcase!!!!

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