Saturday, 13 April 2013


If you’re like me and peeling and cutting potatoes or any veggie, is a painful experience, you embrace any idea that makes any chore easier.
I’d love to make my own potato/veggie dishes but it takes me so long to peel and chop them that I don’t.
PINTEREST to the rescue!!! Yesterday as I was happily pinning away, I came across a pin that said to put potatoes in the top rack of your dishwasher (yes, you read correctly), and run them through a rinse. En Voile! You have lovely, washed potatoes!
 “But wait!” you say. “Angela, that’s great for washing the potatoes but I still have to peel them!” OK, now in comes your oven! BAKE your potatoes, let completely cool and then scoop them out. Now you have the fix’ins for mashed potatoes or whatever potato dish you desire! Leave them as is and you have baked potatoes (obviously:-S…), scoop them out, add some butter and milk (or milk alternative) and mash them or whip them with beaters and you now have fluffy mashed potatoes. You can now even make potato soup without a lot of fuss.
If you want to make say, a potato scallop, do the dishwasher trick, leave the skin on and put through the processor with your slicing blade.
These little tricks will work on other root veggies as well.
Happy cooking!

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