Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Cuisinart 9 Cup Food Processor ROCKS!!!

Last week I decided that I wanted to get back into cooking and preparing more raw and fresh foods. How we ended up eating so much processed/boxed food is a good question. I guess with my crazy schedule as well as my husband's, meals had to be quick and easy…thus the boxed/processed foods. I think it just snuck (is that a word?) up on us throughout the years. That and a few extra pounds!
I discovered a great site called . Her recipes are easy and nutritious and I noticed that she has a Cuisinart food processor and loves it. That week in my Canadian Tire flyer, there was a Cuisinart 9 cup on sale! AND I had some $$ in the bank that was just for this type of emergency!!
It’s heavy base is very sturdy, the blades are VERY sharp and the DVD is a great tutorial. Also comes with an instruction/recipe book. I was really impressed with the durability of each piece and the easy clean-up of each piece ( I hand washed the parts but everything is dishwasher safe except the base).
Today, I did up some carrots ,an onion, a green pepper and the rest of my peppers for freezing. Once I peeled and cut my veggies up a bit, I had them processed in no time! It is SO fast but that’s what was promised in the info/DVD.
I plan on making some banana “ice-cream” later this week with the Cuisinart 9 Cup, as I’d like to make up a few servings of it. I had just been making single servings in my little Hamilton Beach food processor (which did a great job of making Skor Bar crumbs for my ice-cream pie I made today).
Excuse the pics of the processor but I had already taken the veggies out :-)
I did up the veggies, put them on some foil, added a bit of water, salt and pepper and a quick spray of olive oil.

 Then I wrapped them up in the foil and they're ready for the BBQ!
 Oh, and I also added some dried garlic! :-)

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