Friday, 13 January 2012


For any of you that are Trekkies out there, you know that this above line from Star Trek is when the illustrious Capt. Kirk would frantically tell  Chief Engineer Scotty to get him out of a “situation” by beaming him from some enemy infested planet where some of the crew have already been killed. (you know, that if you were the guy in the red tunic, you were NOT coming back!!). Ah yes, we saw what the future would hold for us with cordless phones (telecommunicators), computers that would think for us, space travel to unknown worlds, and those lasers that Scotty used to “beam” you up or lasers to shoot at the enemy and the lasers that Dr. McCoy used to heal you when you had your arm zapped off by a Klingon laser. All science fiction,right?
Well now we have those cordless phones, space travel is now available to those who can afford it, personal computers are the norm in most households, and we may not be able to have a “Scotty” to beam us up, but the world is a much smaller place with faster modes of travel. AND lasers are now the norm in many medical procedures.
I've experienced those lasers first hand. I've had three laser treatments on my hip from an old sport's injury (not a good idea to ride a horse you don't know, get thrown from said horse, hit a tree and then hit the ground).  When you're twelve you don't think about the fact that when you are 50, that old injury will crop up in the form of arthritis or bursitis or some other 'itis”. For me, it's bursitis.
Imagine not being able to exercise, shop for hours or not being able to go up the stairs using both legs one after the other. That's what it's been like for me since August when this hip problem cropped up.
I started seeing my osteopath ( a passive form of physio) who then suggested I get some laser treatments from the physiotherapist in the clinic. I was sceptical at first and a little nervous. All I felt was a slight warming but nothing more from the  Bioflex laser. When I came into the clinic that morning, I was my usual, slow, limping self but, when I got up from the laser treatment, I walked out of the clinic with no pain or limping!!! I was a believer in laser therapy! It's been a slow process but the laser treatments  have worked better and faster than regular physio or other conventional treatments. Because my pain site is so deep, even the lasers are going to take a few treatments along with some osteo and some Tylenol Arthritis (anti-inflammatory).  And on top of this, I discovered that there are lasers that can be purchased for home use! Who'da thunk?! & are two companies that make home use lasers.
Drug -free pain management is big business now with more people opting for less pills and more proactive treatments. And that's what makes me a believer in all of the above.

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