Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Let's Give Thanks

Well, we've now put our Canadian Thanksgiving of 2011 behind us. We bought the turkeys, made the apple and pumpkin pies, pre-cooked anything we could the day before and then sat down with family and consumed the whole kit and ka-boodle! 
The older I get though, it's become less about the turkeys, pies, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and candied carrots (which I would worry about until we actually all sat down and started eating it), and more about "who" is there to share this meal with us.
This year our son was able to join us but our daughter, son-in-law and our little grand-daughter were not able to. It was the first Thanksgiving without our entire family present and I couldn't help but think upon the fact that time really does change everything.
I guess when the children were small, I thought nothing of the fact that we were not always "home" for Thanksgiving (Christmas etc) with our parents. Now sometimes, we've been blessed to have our parents with us on Thanksgiving but this year it was so very different. It was just my Mum (my Dad passed away over 7 yrs. ago), our son and my husband and I. The smallest number since we've been married and well......it just felt different.  Don't get me wrong. We all had a wonderful meal and a great time visiting but the crowd dynamic and lots of talking just were not there.
Times and family change but let's be thankful for each day of the year we have breath and life to give on this Earth. Oh, and a very Happy Thanksgiving in November to our family and friends in the States.

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